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  Our company specializes in producing outdoor products. Including camping supplies, climbing supplies and travel supplies. Camping products mainly include camping tables, camping chairs, camping beds, camping mats. Climbing products mainly include climbing carabiners and trekking poles. Travel products mainly include picnic blankets, beach blankets, hammocks and so on. We have developed some new products in 2022 to meet the needs of the market. Such as camping stools, camping wagons, beach tents. Folding stools and camping wagons are very popular among customers in 2022, especially for the camping wagon with back-door open.It has folding design so it could save space and is easy to carry. We receive repeated orders of camping wagons from old customers every week. 

Why does FEISTEL share 90% repeat orders?

  Suitable Quality, Reasonable Price and Considerable Service enable us to share the repeat orders from over 90% old customers. Feistel will be your most suitable partner in China and each coin you pay us will worth its best in near future cooperation.

Our Vision:

  Become China's largest supplier of outdoor products, a company that can realize your dreams

Our Mission:

  Achieving the career of customers and creating a company with the highest employee happiness index

Interpretation of our values

【Customers first

  Be proud of customer success and ashamed of customer failure. Be proud of customer recognition and ashamed of being complained about. Pride in knowing your needs and shame in not asking. Pride in providing value and shame in perfunctory customers.


  Be proud of loving the company and be ashamed of harming the company. Take pride in encouraging each other and be ashamed of tearing down each other. Proud of group work and ashamed of behind-the-scenes discussions. Be proud of the principles and be ashamed of breaking the rules. Be proud of creating value, and be ashamed of yang and yin.

【Embrace change

  Proud of active reform and ashamed of resistance and evasion. Take pride in improving the summary and be ashamed of what has happened. Be proud of active learning and be ashamed of not thinking ahead. Be proud to take responsibility and be ashamed to shirk responsibility.

【Results are king

  Take pride in finishing every day and be ashamed of procrastination. Be proud of getting the result back and be ashamed of excuses. Be proud of reaching your goals and be ashamed of forgetting them. Proud of daring to PK and ashamed of being afraid of challenges.


  Dedicated to go all out to be proud of negative extremes ashamed. Be proud of being positive and be ashamed of broadcasting negative. Be proud of being proactive and be ashamed of being passive. Be proud of role-playing, and be ashamed of not knowing how to play.


  Proud to be rewarded with gratitude, ashamed to be ungrateful. Be proud of professional dedication and be ashamed of being mercenary. It is a shame to be proud of taking the initiative to give and to enjoy it. Take pride in hard work and be ashamed of indolence.

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