Factory wholesale microfiber coffee dining table mat kitchen/desk mat

Dining table mat:nice stitching and comfortable texture, non-slip and durable.
Multipurpose, commonly used under the rack for absorb water of the washed dish to prevent the counter being full of splash or waterdrop, and also can be used as coaster to prevent table from being damaged.
Foldable, roll up for easy storage in a cabinet or closet. Simply fold the mat in half and tuck it away.
The dish drying mat can also be placed in the dishwasher for fast, no-hassle cleaning.

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Cotton material, Craftsmanship, Excellent texture, Wear-resistant and durable Antibacterial and flame retardant, easy cleaning.Non-slip, Fine striped weave is not easy to slide.

This dining table mats are serviceable. When I first saw it, I felt very characteristic. Simple, Very decorative.High quality woven placemats, Fine weaving, Feel soft and delicate., Durable, Insulation and antifouling, Wear-resistant anti-slip, washable.
Care is simple and convenient. Scrub directly with water. The dish drying mat can be used as placemats, bowl mats, coasters, ashtray mats, also perfect Gift for friends.. . . No fading, no mildew. This is a multi-purpose pad, suitable for a variety of styles of furniture.



1. Foldable for easy storage
2. Absorbs 4x its weight in water
3. Machine washable
4. durable and Has multiple uses
5. The perfect solution for every kitchen countertop! Ideal to replace dish towels on the counter when hand washing pots, pans, dishes, glassware and cutlery!
6. Provides cushion for delicate dishes and stemware. Also protects your counter from scratches and scuffs when placed under small appliances.

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OEM&ODM Service

For many places with multi-function

As table mat for tea cups. coffee, pots, hot plates, avoid moisture and hotness
As dishes mat for drying plates, dishes, no watery on the racks avoid mildew
As soft padding for microwave oven, small appliances... avoid scratches and rubbing
As anti slip mat for kitchen tools --- keep clean and tidy


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