2 Pack 6061 Aluminum Hiking Walking Trekking Trail Poles with Quick Flip-Lock, Cork Grips, Tungsten Tips

Challenge yourself to newer highs with superior walking sticks.
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Product Description

Outdoor Adventures are not meant to be easy. Difficult terrains make the journey more fulfilling and thrilling. If you are a regular trekker, mountaineer or even an urban marcher you know the physical strain your body has to undergo before you achieve your trekking goals. You can get more scientific in your practice by using Feistel Poles, which have been created for efficiency and prevent any harm to your body.



When it was break time, the straps allowed your hands to slide free with the greatest of ease. The cork handles molded quickly and easily to your hands. Rain or shine, you never had a problem with the grip. It felt natural, with no stress on the wrists.

Adjustable length allows one size to fit all. Extends and retracts from 26" to 54.5". Great for short or tall men women or kids. Provides benefits to seniors and those carrying extra weight.


Accessories Included:

Carry Bag with Strap 

 2* snowflake basket 

2* rubber tip  

2 * mud basket

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OEM&ODM Service

Why we need trekking poles on those activities?

1>According to study, trekking poles can reduce compressive force on the knees by up to 25 percent.

2>Trekking poles allow your arms to help propel you forward and upward, whether walking on flat ground or uphill, poles can help to keep your balance and improve stability, increase your average speed.

3>They help to alleviate some of the weight you carry. For example, if you have a heavy pack on, and you take a short break, leaning on the poles will make you more comfortable.

4>They can act as a probe to give you more information than you can get with your eyes, use them to learn more about puddles, melting snow bridges and quicksand.

5>They can be used to deflect backcountry nuisances, such as thorny blackberries and swipe away spider webs that cross trails, ensure safety on your walking.

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